Supertato by Sue Hendra

The superhero potato!

Have you ever wondered what your veggies get up to when you are not there? They are full of energy and vitality, you already know that! So, of course, there’s mischief and mayhem and lots of fun after hours at the supermarket.

In Supertato, Evil Pea has defrosted and is on the loose. He is being mean to the other veggies until Supertato arrives and saves the day or night! 

The story is full of suspense as Supertato chases Evil Pea. Many times when Supertato is about to capture the pesky Pea, he faces impending doom as he falls into Pea’s traps. We loved reading out loud the questions the author poses at these imminent moments:

Was this the end for Supertato? or Surely THIS was the end for Supertato?

It made me feel like I was narrating a Superman comic! This is a fun read with brightly coloured illustrations, that guaranteed, all kids will enjoy.

Colourful endpapers!

There are more books in the series. Be sure to check them all out. So far we’ve also read Veggies in the Valley of Doom, where all the vegetables play hide and seek but find themselves in a very tricky situation. You’ll never guess who comes to rescue them!

Suggested age: Read aloud to 3+, Read by self 5+. Recommended for a beginner reader.

Published by: Simon and Schuster books

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