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I believe exploring and owning your cultural identity cultivates happy wholistic people who are capable of mutual respect, empathy, and connectedness in this diverse world we live in.

I also believe in visiting your local library at least once a week. 

I am a writer today, because I am a reader.
And, I am reader because of public libraries. 

Growing up, despite never being able to buy loads of books, I read widely. I was the child who maxed out her library card every week and was happy with her nose in a book and head full of adventures in far away lands.

The benefits of reading for pleasure are tremendous! So I do hope you’ll find your local library and get yourself a library card!

Sandhya x

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  • I love mangoes – green ones! Dipped in salt and chilli powder.
  • My first language – Malayalam. This word is a pallindrome!
  • I love watching Malayalam movies and comedy shows.
  • Sandhya is a two syllable word (Sun-dhya) meaning ‘dusk’. Parappukkaran is pronounced Para-poo-kkaa:-ren. The stress is on the kk and the second last ‘a’ is a long vowel sound. 
  • Possibly the first Malayali-Australian to be a finalist for the Queensland Literary Award!! 
  • I visit the library once a week.
  • Galahs are my favourite bird. You can see them around Brisbane.

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