THE TRAIN TO IMPOSSIBLE PLACES ~ A Cursed Delivery by P. G. Bell

Genre: Fantasy; Magic, Trolls, Trollville, Troll Postal Service, Impossible Places, Evil Lady, Daring Rescue!

Suggested age: 8-10 year olds

Published by Usborne Publishing

Susy is just a normal girl who loves maths and physics if you consider that to be normal! I loved this girl the minute she said ‘physics made maths useful.’ But don’t get confused, this book is not about maths or physics. Although Suzy does use physics to get out of some sticky situations and to calm herself down when things start to get out of hand.

Her adventure starts when she finds railway tracks being built in her home in the middle of the night by Trolls! Then, the Impossible Postal Express chugs right into her living room. And that’s when reality and Susy’s understanding of it starts getting stretched. Fletch, the first Troll she encounters, simply puts it down to fuzzics

When the Fletch tries to erase her memory, Susy cannot let that happen. She snatches his magic tool and hops on the train as it launches towards the Impossible Places to make postal deliveries. She becomes an employee of the postal service and rescues a frog stuck in a snowglobe, which is really a boy under a curse, and has to find a way to change him back all before Evil Lady Crepsula catches up with them!

If you love fantasy with daring rescues and sinister plots, all set in an outrageous and impossible place, then grab a copy and start reading! This one will not disappoint

The second book in the series is out now called “The Great Brain Robbery!”

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