Reshma loves dinnertime with her family. Her family eat with their hands – not just finger food type–eating, but hands-on squishy eating. When she’s invited to stay for dinner at her friends’ places, she finds out that they all eat in different ways. Some go ting ting with their cutlery, and others go click clack with their chopsticks. So what will her friends say when they see her family eat with their hands?


Stay for Dinner (Sandhya Parappukkaran, illus Michelle Pereira, Bright Light)


“If ever Australian publishers needed inspiration to produce more diverse picture books written by own voices authors, Sandhya Parappukkaran’s Stay for Dinner is a perfect example. It is an entertaining story laden with representations of Kerala Indian, Italian, Asian and Australian cultures. “

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Books+Publishing reviewer: Meyrnah Khodr is a Lebanese-Australian writer and educator from Bankstown. Books+Publishing is Australia’s number-one source of pre-publication book reviews.

“Stay for Dinner is a requirement on every bookshelf as a resource that teaches vital social skills and cultural appreciation—it’s a salve for everyday anxieties any child may feel in regards to fitting in with their peers. This picture book is a wonderful revelation of the true diversity evident within Australia.” 


Some incredible artwork from Stay For Dinner reading & craft time!

Book Reviews:

YOUR KIDS’ NEXT READ – MEGAN DALEY “A gorgeous celebration of food and culture.” Read full review here

STORYLINKS MIA MACROSSAN “This is the third time these two have teamed up and it is always a wining combination. Their latest collaboration has produced Stay for Dinner, a joyous, inclusive and exuberant celebration of the many different foods that people eat and the ways it is consumed. A gorgeously produced book recommended to schools as a valuable resource for any study on food, families and other cultures.” Read full review here

READING OPENS DOORS – ELISE ELLERMAN “Their stunning books empower, include and validate the way children see themselves and are greatly influenced by Sandhya’s Kerala Indian heritage.  This book celebrates difference and highlights that we are all richer when we learn about diverse ways of being; models prosocial behaviour and empowers readers to expand their thinking. ” Read full review here

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