Cockatoo Calling by Rebecca Johnson & Steve Parish

Steve Parish’s Kids Story Books feature his stunning Australian nature and wildlife photography with simple, easy to follow stories that will nurture the love of the unique Aussie flora and fauna in little hearts.

This book was a gift from my son’s prep teacher 9 years ago, given as an end of year gift which was such a thoughtful and lovely gesture. The story is about bird power when all the different species unite against the human’s decision to clear dead trees in a paddock. The cockatoos in this tale include the Sulphur-Crested, the Major Mitchells and the Palm Cockatoos. The Eclectus and Superb Parrots get a mention as do the Rainbow Lorikeets and the Galahs.

We are privileged to drive up and down a street lined on both sides with, which I believe are, Schotia brachypetala trees (otherwise known as ‘drunken parrot’ trees), and see flashes of green, red, blue and yellow flying everywhere in a cacophony of frenzied activity of rainbow lorikeets, every day. My favourite birds are the Galahs,  who are not as frequently sighted, but when they do grace you with their presence they are a sight to behold in their exquisite white, pink and grey attire, see the picture above!

?Which is your favourite Australian bird??

Nature books such as these, aimed at young children will inspire them to not only look but also closely observe the amazing sights on offer and foster in them a sense of care to preserve the immense beauty and thriving life that is all around us. This is a great book to meet the different bird species in Australia and see some of the flowers they like and how they like to hide inside hollow branches. Learn about many other Aussie native fauna from Steve’s other books.

Suggested age: Read aloud to 3+. Read by self 5+. Recommended for a beginner reader.

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