All Through the Year by Jane Godwin & Anna Walker

Seasons keep us moving forward with fresh anticipation and if you can find something you love in every season, then your year will be filled with joyful surprises.

The little girl in this book takes us through an Australian year and changing seasons, month by month by recounting all the things she and her family love to do across the year. Watch the illustrations which are soft and fluid, changing before our eyes.

January is holiday time, idyllic and spent on the beach. February means back to uniforms and routine with school in session again. Keep an eye on the backyard tree which changes with each season. March means a colour change and shedding of old leaves. Hot cross buns and Easter eggs are the highlight of April, which are definitely a treat after a term worth of hard work. May is for mothers and notice the bare tree through the window. June and July see the family rugging up and keeping warm around a campfire. August and September celebrate the signs of new life and October takes us to the show with merry go rounds and sweets. In November, school is winding up and December is time for a break to enjoy a warm Christmas, to rest and gear up to jump into another year of fun and surprises.

Each months descriptions rhyme and are just joyful to read aloud. The illustrations, done in ink and pencil with a touch of collage, are too sweet and lovely.  You must check this book out, and have all the wonderful conversation with your child, about their favourite seasons, things they love about each month and create in them a positive energy to face whatever is coming ahead with hopeful eagerness.

Suggested age: Read aloud to 4+. Read by self 6+. Recommended for an intermediate reader.

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