Bilby Moon by Margaret Spurling & Danny Snell

In Bilby Moon, a nighttime Australian outback comes alive. Many Australian native animals are nocturnal and they move around and feed after darkness falls.

The bilby in this story enjoys her rendezvous with the moon each night until one day she is stricken to find a piece of the moon missing, and that day by day her beloved moon is wasting away. Each night she asks a different animal in the desert if they have seen the missing pieces of the moon while she continues the search herself.

The boobook owl gives bilby sound advice and we all can guess what happens next. I love when the animals gather at the end of the book and share how they feel about the magical moon. Danny Snell’s superb paintings add to this books enchanting feel and the text reads simply and beautifully. There are some repeated sentences when bilby asks around and each of her friends reply, which is great for kids learning to read.

…………”Have you seen the moon tonight?”
…………” If I find it, I will tell you.”


This story inspires kids to look up at the moon in awe and wonder at the magic that it is!




Suggested age: Read aloud to 3+. Read by self 6+. Recommended for an intermediate reader.


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