I Love You More Than The Smell Of Swamp Gas by Kevan Atteberry.

Get ready for a midnight wild skink chase, with a father and child monster duo!

When the father declares his love for this midnight romp through the dark, stinky swamp, the child is stirred to question just how much he is loved.

As they follow the skink through the swamp, the little monster is reassured that he is treasured and adored much more than all the blood-sucking, toe-biting creatures in the swamp.

Even in the smelly darkness, the illustrations are clear and bright thanks to the full moon in the sky. We were drawn instantly to this book by the cool pictures. Watch out for tiny monsters hiding in bushes, glowering eyes in the shadows, mummified bass, ghost bats and two-headed bears.

The parent & child dialogues are in two different colours and that makes it easy to share the reading in turns. Tomu loved looking for the skink who just escapes the nets on each page!

Suggested age: Read aloud to 4+. Read by self 5+  Recommended for an intermediate to confident reader.

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