Yoo-Hoo Ladybird By Mem Fox & Laura Ljungkivst

We love ladybirds. During summer there’s plenty in our garden and sometimes we play ‘how many ladybirds can you find’. The ladybirds scatter and hide, ready or not here we come… The ones we usually see are more orange than red, but still bright and beautiful.

This book confirms that ladybirds love to play hide and seek!



Where are you?



Questions are great for reading out loud because you can modulate your voice to echo the query and kids love it when you change your voice. Then, you are faced with a page full of colourful things amongst which our ladybird is hiding.

There you are…

Once you find the little critter, the next page is a close-up picture of the hiding spot and a rhyming couplet.

afloat in the bath

with Duck and Giraffe


This pattern is repeated, providing good reading practice and you have many turns in the book to find the ladybird. We enjoyed the hunt and the rhymes.


Suggested age: Read aloud to 2+. Read by self 5+                                                                            Perfect for a beginner reader.

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