Earth-Wise -Poems About Our World- Chosen by Wendy Cooling

The mysteries of the universe exist in the questions you ask and this book ponders some of those questions and a whole lot more.


Is the sky? from Question At Night

In these pages, you will find a wonderful collection of poems that bring the earth, sky and seasons alive.

Have you ever heard the sun in the sky                 

Man have you heard it?                           

Have you heard it break the black of night           

Man have you heard it? from Have You Heard The Sun Singing?

There’s a poem that invites us to think of morning as a place and one that reminds us that night will never stay. The starry poems and the tree poems are dazzling and lovely. Your thoughts on fighting and polluting will be stirred and heart swell with love for the earth.

Have you ever looked up at the evening sky and seen the first star? And has that sight rendered you speechless? The poem Starlight, Starbright will give you a tiny prayer to whisper at this sparkly wonder. Beautiful photographs and drawings complement these poems and a thin sidebar on each page, with pretty painted pictures, add to the beauty of this book.

We enjoyed reading this book, definitely one to inspire the kids. My favourites were Summer, Our Tree and Beyond My House.

Suggested age: Read aloud to 5+. Read by self 8+. Recommended for a confident reader.

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