The Lost Moustache by Vikki Conley & Caterina Metti (Red Paper Kite)

I am feeling overjoyed to have won this fun picture book in a book giveaway over on Instagram. To celebrate their first year, publisher ‘Red Paper Kite’ held a giveaway and we were lucky to receive a copy of their new book The Lost Moustache by Vikki Conley & Caterina Metti. They have gorgeous books with divine illustrations, pages flipping with fun, quirky, whimsical and intriguing stories. So do check them out at their website and stay in the loop for new books by following on Insta @redpaperkite. 

One day, Frankie found a moustache. It was a nice moustache. But it wasn’t Frankie’s. 

In The Lost Moustache, the question posed after discovering a lost moustache is ‘Is this your moustache?’ Join Frankie through a theatrical journey – she is on stage, rehearsing – as she works her way through dragons and sharks to find the owner of the moustache. There are pirates and queens, cooks and cats, and many more to ask.

The illustrations by Metti are dramatically bold and deep, the colour palette warm and bright, succeeding in bringing the theatre alive in these pages. You will find the children in interesting costumes, our favourites being the giraffe and elephant. Frankie of course is dressed as a sleuth, complete with a magnifying glass in hand. 

We were baffled till the end, which is by the way, a very very clever, surprising and satisfying ending. This is an enticing read, I loved the story, art and the little love hearts that dot the i’s on the cover! A thoughtfully put together book, guaranteed to hold anyone’s attention till the last page!

In all of Red Paper Kite’s books they include sketches from the illustrations to colour-in and create your own art work. We can’t wait to get colouring! It’s great they have provided four spreads, there’s plenty of colouring in pages to share for everyone in the house.

Suggested read aloud to 3+ Recommended for a beginner to intermediate reader.

Published by Red Paper Kite, 2020

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