Super Nova by Krys Saclier & Rebecca Timmis (Ford St)

‘This is a fun book!’ Mr. 7

For little sisters who are absolutely Super!

We enjoyed this story, told by Nova’s brother, who is the middle child in this family and gets blamed for things he has no knowledge of! But, he knows who’s behind the mess and missing items. He follows the crumbs, fully expecting to find cheeky Nova behind it all, and he does, but Nova is on a super important mission, that I’m sure he didn’t even imagine! 

Saclier has presented this sibling story in a fun and imaginative way, ensuring that this book will appeal to all kids, wherever they are in the family. Middle children will definitely relate to Nova’s brother, somehow being made responsible for the mayhem caused by little siblings. And, the youngest kids can revel in the fact that they are cute and loved no matter what.

Timmis’s illustrations are bold and bright and delightful to gaze at. When Nova’s brother follows the  chaos to the real culprit, there are clues on each spread hinting to what Nova is really up to. Can you find the clues and guess what’s really going on?

The story climax is surprising and action-packed and culminates in a really sweet ending when Nova’s brother realises that his little sister is a real Super Nova!! You’ll want to read this one over and over! A guaranteed fun, snuggled up bedtime read or anytime read that will have the whole family grinning.

We won this book in a giveaway from Karen Tyrrell’s ISO Book Show- an awesome You Tube channel to follow for giveaways, and fun reviews on new releases in Australian children’s literature. Karen Tyrrell who is an award winner author, teacher, presenter and all round positive force in the kid lit community and in the empowerment of children, has published picture books and junior fiction books, including her Song Bird Superhero series which inspires kids to care for the environment. Check out all her news here

Suggested read aloud to 3+. Recommended for a beginner reader.

Published by Ford St Publishing, 2019

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