Come Down, Cat! by Sonya Hartnett and Lucia Masciullo

This is a story of bravery that blossoms out of deep care for a dear friend.

It is evening and Nicholas’s dear cat is up on the roof. His concern sees him up on a rickety ladder to bring the cat down. But the cat is playful and just says ‘Marl’! Her face has the cheeky look of an invitation for a game upon the roof.

‘Marl’ is such a lovely sound. For anyone who knows cats up close, it will be a familiar greeting!

The illustrations are vivid, the lovely colours in the book are soothing and inviting. The shades and shadows bring alive the evening and its scares and the brewing storm.

Nicholas is worried about all the frightful things his fearless friend might encounter upon the roof. When the rain pelts down, the tone of the ‘Marl’ quickly changes to urgent! Nicholas wakes up at just the right time, and seeing the rain, he doesn’t hesitate to run out and rescue his cat.

The perfect text reads like a song and you’ll fall in love with Nicholas and his cat!

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