Are You My Bottom? by Kate & Jol Temple and Ronojoy Ghosh







Come join the quest for a panda’s misplaced bottom! The panda sets out with a magnifying glass and finds a whole lot of butts, none his, and finds friends who join the search too.

The illustrator has used a different cool pastel colour on each page as the search party looks in a variety of places, from tops of trees to snow-covered forests!

On the outset, this may look like a fun book with a silly story, but it is so much more. The rhymes are awesome, and if you and your child like looking for rhyming words, this is the perfect book! I love that this book has synonyms for the word bottom, including rear, behind, butt, and my favourite, caboose.

So, go ahead and increase your child’s vocabulary while having fun with a hilarious book.

There are some interesting animals in this book too. Nice to see a lemur, moose and baboon featured in this book.

Recently I had a discussion with Mr.6 about synonyms. We are reading ‘The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe’ for bedtime reading and I assumed he knew what a wardrobe was, but he didn’t because at home we just say cupboard! That was a conversation opener and we had a good chat about different words used to describe the same thing. This is the age when kids are creating the dictionary/thesaurus in their head. When they read, neurons are firing away to make strong connections. ? The power of books is unimaginable!!

The more they read, the better their word bank becomes.

We love doing word searches and they are good for filling a boring 15 minutes or so. So here’s a wordsearch we made for this book. Save the image and print it to play, or take a screenshot!








Suggested age: Read aloud to 3+. Read by self 6+. Recommended for an intermediate reader.

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