Bernard’s Plane Trip by Adele Jaunn

Plane trips may be a little frightening for junior travellers, however, this book gives a fantastic intro! Children can familiarise themselves with all aspects of plane travel by following Bernard every step of the way.  Bernard is visiting is a friend for the holidays and has butterflies in his tummy with nervous excitement. 

“I hope I’ve remembered everything!” Bernard said when he had locked his suitcases.

No need to worry though as everything goes smoothly for Bernard, from check-in & choosing a seat to passing through security &  waiting at the gate for boarding. Once on the plane, he tries to get as comfortable as he can on the small economy seats and pays attention to the flight attendant actioning the safety run down.

I love how he pops some chewing gum in his mouth to unblock his ears as the plane lifted. Just the thing to do! Good to see that Bernard has come prepared.
The story covers mostly everything that happens on a plane ride including queuing up for the toilet and a comment on what a tight squeeze it is inside!

Airport and aeroplane jargon is used throughout the book –

 ✈passport  ✈check-in ✈metal detector ✈boarding pass ✈window seat ✈aisle ✈departure ✈boarding ✈fuselage ✈life jacket ✈turbulence ✈hand luggage ✈overhead locker ✈arrivals and✈ conveyor belt.

We fly often but I’ve never mentioned the word aisle to Tomu, and that’s where all the action happens! So I started a discussion as to which is best – window seat or aisle seat, and he’s still on window seat until one day he will realise the aisle seat is better to dash to the toilet without disturbing anyone!! You’ll find heaps to chat about to your child if you are planning your first plane trip or even if you’ve flown once or many times before.

Bernard looked out of the little window. “How strange. The clouds are underneath us!”

There is a beautiful illustration in the middle of the book where the plane flies above the clouds. Adele has used watercolours and watercolour pencils to animate Bernard’s experience of flying. She has wonderfully captured the breathtaking moment just before landing when Bernard sees the coastline. Now the butterflies in his tummy are due to eager anticipation! On the corner of each page, there are adorable images of two cute bees mirroring Bernard’s actions, which kids will find amusing.

I hope you and your child read this very informative book on aeroplane travel which is perfectly narrated to the tiny audiences.

My kids travel well and thank God for in-flight entertainment! I thought a picture of where the flush is in the toilet might have been helpful, for first-timers. That can be a tricky one to find.

 ? How well do your kids travel? ?

For comprehension checks, try these activities too!

INSTRUCTIONS: When you find a word, click on the first letter and slide over to the last letter, and click again!

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Suggested age: Read aloud to 3+. Read by self 6+. Recommended for an intermediate reader.

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