Alien Alert by David Beidrzycki (Charles Bridge Publishing)

My first post for 2020 and Mr 6 is now Mr 7! In year 2, an inch or so taller, him and his friends are owning the school like well seasoned seniors already. He’s also acting all grown up by exclusively browsing in junior fiction. Well, almost. He did pick this picture book up, for me to review on the blog!

However, we read this one together and I am so happy that ALIEN ALERT kept his attention on full alert.

Minimal text – Speech bubbles

What’s going on when an alien space ship snatches most of the animals in town? What do the aliens want? You’ll have to turn on the news to find out!

The narrative is presented as a breaking news report, the story progressing through the scrolling news on the bottom of the page and speech bubbles as the reporter interviews a range of people to gather what has happened to the bears, farm animals and zoo animals.

Will the townsfolk ever see their precious animals again?

I recommend this book firstly, for everyone. It’s engaging, fun and the detailed illustrations make this shocking news report very real.

Secondly, it is a great book to try for reluctant readers. The speech bubbles and illustrations in panels on some pages, lend the feel of a comic book. Just because some children might not warm up to the reading scene, definitely does not mean they dislike reading.  They probably haven’t found the right book. So, keep trying with different formats, genres and types of books!

Check out my Jokes & Comic books category to find similar books. Happy reading!!

by Charles Bridge Publishing

If you would like this book for your child’s bookshelf, check out your local book shops, because bookshops are amazing places and should be supported to keep them open! However, the convenience of clicking from your comfy sofa is sometimes a necessity. In that case, Booktopia it! 

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