No Room For A Wombat by Lyn Ward & Lorell Lehman

Wombat proudly welcomes galah, bilby, numbat and platypus to see his brand new burrow.


Come in!’ said Wombat. ‘I want you to see!

I’ve dug a new burrow. I’m proud as can be.’

It is plain and dim with a few bits of furniture, just the way wombat likes it.

However, his friends have grand plans for the burrow’s interior design.

Galah goes berserk with the colour bubblegum pink! Poor wombat watches on as bilby adds pipes for heating and numbat lights up the place. Finally, platypus adds splashes of green with pot plants galore.

The shocked wombat looks around to realise this was his cosy burrow no more!!

In the end, it’s delightful to see, in an assertive speech, the wombat compelled his friends to return his burrow to its previous state.

‘I like my house cool and a little bit dim.

I like it plant-free, not full-to-the-brim.


The illustrations are beautiful, rich in colour and texture. The rhyming verse is simple and fun to read.

Suggested age: Read aloud to 4+, Read by self 5+. Recommended for a beginner reader.







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