Haven’t you grown! Poems about families. Selected by Belinda Hollyer

Families are the source of pure happiness and pangs of sadness. Parents and grandparents are joyful blankets of love and security.  Siblings are your best friends but can be your best pains too! Aunties, uncles and cousins are full of hilarities and oddities.

This book contains 159 poems that cover all extremities of family life and everything in between.

There are poems, where the joy of life is celebrated and ones, where life lost, is grieved. Fairness in families is questioned, that’s a sibling thing! The influence grandparents have on kids is amazing, you will find warm fuzzy nods to them here as well. Odes to the nuclear family and large extended family gatherings are in these pages too.

A whole section is dedicated to another important family member, the loving pets. Illustrations are by Holly Swain and wonderfully complement the poems.

For children and adults, there’s a poem in this anthology that will have captured at least one of the emotions felt along your family journey.

Suggested age: Read aloud to 5+. Read by self 7+. Recommended for the confident reader.

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