There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

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Read aloud to!

Reading out loud is a wonderful and mesmerizing experience and picture books are perfect for this. From toddler story-time at the library to reading for the elderly, there will always be a need for a story reader.

The suggested ‘read aloud’ age, in my reviews, are based on what age the child might start to enjoy and engage in the story.

Read by self!

I don’t even remember learning to read!! I love this quote by Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird…

I could not remember when the lines above Atticus’s moving finger separated into words, but I had stared at them all the evenings in my memory…..anything Atticus happened to be reading when I crawled into his lap every night.

Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird

My recommended reading ages are loosely based on knowledge of sight words.

Beginner reader: You have started to learn to read! You know half of your first 100 sight words and can sound out unfamiliar words.

Intermediate reader: You know most of the 200 sight words. You have started reading words without even sounding them out!!

Confident reader: You can read all by yourself!!! Read all the books in our library bag, try poetry books and chapter books too.

Always try reading something more challenging. If you are a beginner, read books recommended for intermediate readers. Intermediates, try reading confident reader books.

Suggested ages and reading levels are only guides.

Enjoy reading any good books you wish!