Hi, I’m Sandhya, Welcome to Library Bag Books Blog, where I share our favourite books that come home with us in our library bag!

Libraries are precious to me. The most frequented place in my childhood was the library. I have memories of borrowing a stack of books each week and then finishing reading them almost instantly.

This quote by Albert Einstein rings true for me.

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”

I’m back in the picture book section with my youngest and loving it. From the bunch we borrow every week, many books end up being read again and again, the ones that turn into our favourite books. These are the books that have funny and thrilling stories, catchy phrases, curly, springy words that yell out or whisper and pictures we never want to forget!

~Picture Books~
Illustrations are works of art,
Stories that capture our heart.

I also love poetry for kids. There are many collections of poems in beautiful books, I stumbled across them one day in the non-fiction section. I believe the library should dedicate a whole bookcase in the children’s corner just for poetry!

All the books reviewed on this site are available to borrow from the Brisbane City Council Libraries, which are great places to spend time with your kids and explore the thousands of books on offer.


Somewhere between reading and blogging about picture books, the urge to write stories got me too! So now I am an aspiring children’s book author, writing stories and learning about the craft.


My writing journey so far:


* Inspired to write a story for a picture book.

* Joined Write Links – an amazing Brisbane based writers group for children’s and YA authors, 2019

* Completed the Australian Writers Center Picture Book Course, 2019

* Attended CYA writers conference – Brisbane, 2019

* Won the 2020 Australian Society of Authors 20 hour mentorship in the picture book category

* Attended CYA writers conference – Online, 2020

* Received a scholarship from Dr. Mira Reisberg to the Children’s Book Academy ‘Craft & Business of Writing Picture Book’ course.

* Currently attending the 2021 Winter Children’s Book Academy ‘Craft & Business of Writing Picture Book’ course.

* In between all these courses & conferences, family & work, I write stories that shine with our multicultural experiences, food and  culture.