Published by Abrams Books. Publication date: Jan 10, 2023

Instagram Reviews

@shameer_reads – This book will remind us to pay close attention to pronouncing difficult names of people which is the key ingredient to celebrating them because names matter. It influences who we are and how others view us. What a warm and uplifting book indeed!

@maistorybooklibrary – Picture Books that Validate ALL NAMES – see reel here

@thediversebookworm – ✨It is so important to be sure to pronounce students’ names correctly. Giving a student a nickname because you can’t pronounce their name is highly offensive, and it diminishes the importance of their identity and cultural heritage, not to mention is a micro-aggression. If you aren’t sure how to pronounce someone’s name, ask them, and then practice it until you know it!

@ihaveabook4that – The school year is readily approaching. Let’s emphasize the importance of valuing names by pronouncing them correctly.