Chapter one Whirlpool

Once upon a time, there lived a boy and his name was Lucas. One day he went to the park and saw a big whirlpool. Then out of the whirlpool came dinosaurs. 

Chapter two Volcano erupt

An adult pterodactyl picked Lucas up threw him in the whirlpool! Then he saw a big volcano. It was about to erupt.

Chapter three Missed dinner

Lucas was running away from the volcano. Then a hungry Allosaurus chased Lucas but Lucas was too fast.

Chapter four Safe again

And then he saw an Ankylosaurus battling a gigantic T. rex. He got a plan. He ran towards the T. rex and the Ankylosaurus hit the T. rex with his club. Lucas jumped and hit the belly of the T.rex and found the whirlpool and jumped in and came back home.

by T.P., year 1, age 6.