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In early 2019, while sitting on the couch reading a picture book to my 6 year old son, a daring thought popped into my head. It was not an idea, no, it was just a thought posing a question. ‘Could I write a story and publish a picture book?’ I call this a daring thought, because while I’ve loved books and stories since I was little, I never dreamed of writing… until 2019.

I immediately started writing stories, but quickly realised I would need formal instruction. I found the AWC- The Australian Writers’ Center, and enrolled in the Writing Picture Books course. While doing the course, a friend of mine exclaimed ‘I didn’t know you could do courses to learn to write!’ Well, I guess neither did I.

Fast forward to 2021 and my first picture book – The Boy Who Tried to Shrink His Name – was published!! It was amazing to be on the AWC blog as a success story. Read the article here.

I was also chuffed to be mentioned on the ‘So you want to be a WRITER’ podcast by the amazing ladies Allison Tait & Valerie Khoo! Listen to the podcast here.

I encourage you to grab those thoughts in your head of things you’d like to do and find ways to make them come true, because thoughts do turn into things.

P.S. Writing courses are the best!

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