A mentorship is a great boost to your writing career.

In 2020 I applied for the 20 hour Mentorship Award run by the Australian Society of Authors and the Copyright Agency. I was thrilled to gain a spot in the program, which has now lead to a publishing contract for my second picture book, Amma’s Saree.

I highly recommend the ASA/CA Award Mentorship program. It is an amazing opportunity to work with an experienced industry professional. I was so lucky to work with award winning and incredible picture book creator, Sue deGennaro.

I think the success of being mentored is in getting the right person for you and your story. Sue deGennaro was perfect in that she understood my story and approached it with eager enthusiasm, enlightening me and guiding me through the processes of writing a picture book, while encouraging me to dig deep to find the real emotions behind my story. 

Read about my mentorship story here.


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