The Giant Spoon by Rebekah Yock & Lucy Jollow (Squawky Books)

What do you do when a giant spoon, which is actually a giant’s spoon, falls into your backyard?

That is no problem for Ruby and friends. The giant spoon goes from being a racetrack to swimming pool to frying pan!

Until mum comes with an ultimatum to get rid of that spoon… or else.

But how do you find a giant?

Again, this is no problem for Ruby and friends who think BIG fueled by their big imagination. They come up with a clever plan to send a note big enough for a giant!

Finally when the giant arrives to retrieve the spoon, Ruby’s gang are in for a surprise of more things falling out of the sky! You’ll have to read the book to find out what that might be!

The Giant Spoon, the very first book from Squawky Books, is a fun read with bright expressive illustrations and is big on imaginative play.  

Thank you Rebekah Yock for sending me this book. Tee and I enjoyed reading it together. 

Published by Squawky Books, 2021

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