Kung-Fu Kangaroo by Merv Lamington & Allison Langton (Affirm Press)

What happens when you come from a long line of boxing kangaroos but dream to master kung-fu instead?

Follow Chops, the kung-fu dreaming kangaroo on a journey of finding her dream.

Chops is devastated when the members of the local kung-fu group don’t think she’s got what it takes to master the craft. So, sadly she leaves home.

Soon, Chops arrives in a beautiful place, and discovers wonderful things about herself.

Based on a true story of Lulu (a real kangaroo – read the author notes at the back) – this beautifully illustrated, heartwarming story of self discovery has an empowering message of kindness, compassion and being yourself.

Published by Affirm Press, 2018

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