Off & Away by Cale Atkinson (Disney Hyperion)

This story is about finding the courage to have an adventure, even if it means stepping into scary waters. That is the beauty of children’s literature – scary monsters and fears may block your way – but the message of hope is crystal clear, showing you that courage is a plan activated by small decisions leading to joyful endings!

Jo wants to be an adventurer just like her dad. But, she fears the scary shadowy shapes that lurk under the sea. 

When dad is down sick, there’s no one to deliver bottles and Jo decides to face her fears – leading to adventure, happiness and friendship. 

The gloriously rich illustrations vividly depict the sea monsters born of Jo’s overactive imagination. These were our favourite spreads.

For a nautical story filled with courage, monsters and adventure, do check out this thrilling tale, published by Disney Hyperion, 2018.

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