Finding Francois by Gus Gordon (Puffin Books)

Here’s a story that will melt your heart.

Alice Bonnett will melt your heart. She lives with her grandmother. She likes to write lists, draw, eat creme brule, oraganise buttons and read.
Alice loves her grandmother. They go for walks and cook together. But, Alice wishes she had someone her own size to talk to.

Message in a bottle

One morning Alice wakes early with a plan. She sends out a message in a bottle… and finds Francois. While their friendship blossoms, sadness shadows when her grandmother dies.

Sad, but it is life. Dark days descend upon little Alice. What I love though, is that there is a strong message of hope, in the picnic scene, after a year. Yes, grief is dark and takes time, but the sun will come out again. Such an important message to instill into the fibre of our being. 

Finally Alice and Francois meet. Their friendship empowers Alice to embrace life and make new friends.

Gordon’s illustrations are soft and sublime with a touch of collage enhancing the beauty of the French landscape. See if you can find the French stamp! The French words scattered throughout the pages were mysterious. We googled.

Please check out this truly beautiful book!

Published by Puffin Books, Penguin Random House, Australia, 2020

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