Clarrie’s Pig Day Out by Jen Storer & Sue deGennaro (Harper Collins)

Some picture books are so much fun!

Reading them is an experience that makes your brain tick-tick-tick at the words and your eyes stick-stick-stick to the page. The experience produces giggles that fall like soft rain on a sunny day. This is one such book.

We first listened to this book during covid-19 restrictions, when all the libraries were closed and we turned online to read. Story Box Library is a great online resource with an amazing array of books narrated by wonderful storytellers.  So, do check them out. You can login with your Brisbane City Council library card number and pin. 

Mr 7 was a feeling down with a tummy ache, so we settled in to listen to some stories. His face immediately lit up at this funny story with mixed up words.

     Clarrie the farmer wakes up with a lot to shoe. Huh? Read on and you’ll find that Clarrie gets his worms, no words mixed up a lot.  His dag Bert is an adorable pooch and he has an equally adorable little green jar which he rides into town, where he meets his friend for coffee and pupcake. Clarrie does a spot of shopping and there’s quite a bit of tension when the chickens he’s bought escape the car and are stalked by a box. Huh?

By the end we were talking like Clarrie too.

Me: How’s your gummy feeling?

Mr.7: It’s jetter.

Me: Would you like a duffin?

Mr.7: Could I have a puffin instead, please?

Me: Core.

What better way than a fun picture book and some inspired silliness to chase away aches and blues!

When the libraries reopened we placed an order for this wonderful book and of course, physically reading it and pouring over the illustrations is even better that watching the narration. 

Award winning author Jen Storer has picked the silliest words to mix up and the story still flows seamlessly, brightly livened up by Sue deGennaro’s illustrations in a quirky and fun way. The mixed up words are in a boxed bold coloured typeface which helps to make this book all the more magical and fun. 

Picture books are hailed as mediums for visual literacy where you not only have to read the text but must digest the pictures as well to understand the whole story. This is the perfect book for that! Children will love correcting the wonky words and can look to the artwork for clues if they are not sure. 

? ?Which picture books have inspired you to be silly? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!! ??

Suggested read aloud to 3+. Recommended for a beginner to intermediate reader. Check out my notes on reading levels here.

First Published by Harper Collins, 2016.

If you would like this book for your child’s bookshelf, check out your local bookshops, because bookshops are amazing places and should be supported to keep them open! However, the convenience of clicking from your comfy sofa is sometimes a necessity. In that case, Booktopia it!

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