Pippa by Dimity Powell & Andrew Plant (Ford Street Publishing)

One of the things I love about picture books is that reading them allows excellent art to be held close, examined, appreciated and loved.

Pippa is a wonderful story, written superbly by Dimity Powell, about a pigeon with an adventurous heart. From the moment Mr 7 stared at the cover and flicked through the spreads, he was amazed by Plant’s striking artwork. 

Pigeons must be a dream subject for an artist’s colour palette. The range of cool blues and greys through to smudges of pinky purple on the birds chest are exquisite. The pages interchange between beautiful yellow green meadows and cloud filled  skies in varying shades of blue. While we reveled at the pigeons and their surroundings, we were blown away by the realistic fox towards the end of the story!

Pippa’s parents try to quell her adventurous spirit with all sorts of reasons, but once she’s learned to fly, there’s no stopping her soar. And, one day Pippa finds the freedom of the wind beneath her wings… until she flies into some trouble. 

This story is an exciting suspenseful read with a happy ending and wonderful art work. We also found out from reading this book that pigeon babies are fed pigeon milk! Who knew that!?

Suggested read aloud to 3+. Recommended for a beginner reader.

Published by Ford Street Publishing, 2019. 

If you would like this book for your child’s bookshelf, check out your local book shops, because bookshops are amazing places and should be supported to keep them open! However, the convenience of clicking from your comfy sofa is sometimes a necessity. In that case, Booktopia it!


  1. Dimity Powell

    Thank you sincerely for this whole hearted review and your thoughts on our wee book. It certainly cheers a creator when they discover that their work cheers the very ones we write and draw for, the children! So glad you both loved it! Hopefully, this is not the end of Pippa’s adventures! Dimity x

    1. Sandhya Rose

      You are welcome Dimity! It’s one of those books you feel like diving into again and again. Ohhh… we would love to see more of Pippa’s adventures!

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