Aussie Jingle Bells by Colin Buchanan & Nick Bland (Scholastic Au)

A sing-along book with CD

Christmas is for ________? Singing!!! I would put singing right up there with the giving, decorating, and feasting that goes on during Christmas.

While I love the traditional Christmas carols, I certainly can’t go past a good parody and Colin Buchanan is a master of these. Check out his ‘Deck the shed with bits of Wattle’ a ‘Deck the Halls’ Aussie parody, a sure favourite! Another great one to sing to is ‘Santa Koala’ also by Colin Buchanan which follows the tune of ‘Waltzing Matilda.’

The colour scheme used in the book, does a great job of depicting the glare of the hot Australian summer sun. I wonder if it is a known fact around the world that Christmas time is scorching hot in Australia? Many people from my native place of Kerala, ask me whether it’s snowing here in December!

This is a wonderful sing-along and the words are easy to follow. Lots of Aussie slang and references to Australian traditions & icons – the kookaburra, the ute, the twirling clothesline, roos & barbeque just to name a few. 

If you would like to sing along to Aussie Jingle Bells this Christmas, check out your local bookshops because bookshops are amazing places and should be supported to keep them open! However, the convenience of clicking from your comfy sofa is sometimes a necessity. In that case, Amazon it! 

Recommended for the whole family!!!

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