A Home for Luna by Stef Gemmill & Mel Armstrong (New Frontier Publishing)

The moon, the sea, a runaway black cat, a lost home, a group of penguins, a tentative reaching out, developing trust, helping each other, danger, standing by a friend, and finding a new home. That’s what you’ll find within the pages of this heartening story.

Add in cute illustrations, lovely language, including some great alliteration and this is a picture book not to miss. 

Luna has left home because of some danger. She washes up on a strange shore. Everything is so different, yet familiar. The inhabitants of this land are penguins. They watch Luna closely.  Luna is hesitant too. Slowly, slowly they reach out to each other. 

I love this story! Steff Gemmill’s text and Mel Armstrong’s art have authentically captured the awkwardness of arriving in a new place and you’ll immediately fall in love with Luna the cat, as she takes in her surrounding, not quite knowing what to do. The way the penguins huddle and watch Luna perfectly depict the hesitancy that might be felt towards newcomers in a new land. Our hearts melt as we watch the cat and penguins gradually learning to trust each other, extending a wing or paw of friendship and finally accepting each other. 

?? Have you had to start a new life in a new place like Luna? How did that make you feel?

If you are looking for more books on new beginnings try ‘My Two Blankets‘ by Irena Kobald & Freya Blackwood (Little Hare Books, Hardie Grant Egmont).  

Suggested age: Read aloud to 4+, Read by self 5+. Recommended for a beginner reader.

Published by New Frontier Publishing, 2019

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