The Book That Never Ends by Beck & Matt Stanton

We love the ‘Books That Drive Kids CRAZY!’ series by Beck & Matt Stanton.

These books are engaging and funny and really out of this world! We have read them all and this is our favourite one, with ‘Did You Take the B from my _ook’ a close second.

In this fun book, the challenge is to find the end of this book. Do you think that is easy? Apparently it is impossible! 

There are questions to ponder, pictures to consider and decisions to make. Your decisions will take you all over the book, forwards and backwards! When Mr 6 first read this, he spent about 15 minutes turning the pages, couldn’t find the end, then gave up, for a bit. 

But he was determined to get to the end of the book, so he returned to the task. The lightbulb moment was when he realised that he was going in circles. The only way to get out of this loop was to try something different; choose another answer. How brilliant! So, he tried picking the alternate option in the answers to see where that led him. And, he did get to the end!

I absolutely love the page about brushing teeth twice a day. Those words imprinted on him the importance of brushing twice daily, more than my persuading for the past 6 years!

This is a wonderful concept and deep within the fun and frustration of all the twist and turns of finding the end, there lies an important message. As I watched Mr 6 work out the challenges this book presented, I felt like the book was whispering to me too. If you are stuck in a loop, first recognise that you are going around in circles. Then be bold and try something new! Do something different! It’s okay to change your mind!!

If you haven’t tried the ‘Books That Drive Kids CRAZY’ series, please do! I’m sure you’ll find a favourite or two.

Suggested age: The whole family can read this and get in on the fun!!

Published by ABC Books – AU, 2019

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