River Riddle by Jim Dewar & Anil Tortop

If you like riddles chances are you’ve come across the river crossing riddle, where the farmer has to tactfully cross the river in a small boat that only holds two other items apart from himself. The other items being a fox, a sheep and a bag of grain. The farmer better be careful what he takes over and leaves unsupervised! Fox eat sheep … Sheep eat grain!!!

I remember braining over this puzzle with friends and cousins, which is pretty simple really. But when you come across this puzzle for the first time it is fun to mull over!

This gem of a book presents the river crossing riddle in a fun rhyming text and brightly buzzing illustrations! The boy named Jack needs to cross the river to get to the market. He works it out in the end. Yes, the book gives the answer away too…

It is a delight to read and if you have a little one who loves puzzles, this book would be the perfect gift.

Suggested age: 5 – 10 years old. Recommended for a confident reader.

Published by Scholastic Australia

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