The Jolley-Rogers presented by Jonny Duddle


If you are a pirate enthusiast, no matter what age, these books by Jonny Duddle are must-haves on your bookshelf. Arrr…

When pirates come to live next door Matilda’s mundane life is filled with action. The new neighbours are called the Jolley Rogers. They are just in town till they finish repairs on their ship.

The dreary but neat town of Dull-On-Sea stirs with gossip and grumbling because no one likes the pirates! But Matilda is thrilled with Jim Lad and his eye patch, his wooden-legged dog, treasure chests and barrels of grog. Matilda’s parents prefer if she played with normal kids rather than the pirate boy next door whose toys seem to include cutlasses and cannons!

The townsfolk set into motion to get rid of the pirates who are all wrong. The Jolley Roger family don’t seem to mind, they are not here to stay anyway. Will the pirates win over the townsfolk before they go? This is a fast-paced picture book for all pirate lovers. A great book to introduce newbies to pirate jargon. 

Suggested age: Read aloud to 4+. Read by self 6+. Recommended for a confident reader.

We were excited to find a Jolley Rogers chapter book too. The Ghostly Galleon is an action-packed pirate mystery adventure which includes a clash with a ghostly pirate crew.

Mr 6 is only starting out on chapter books. The font is medium size and clear with enough white space around the picture and text. Totally recommend for those new to chapter books. We shared the reading with this one which is a fun way to spend cuddly reading time with your child.

Suggested age: 5 – 8 years old. Recommended for a confident reader.


INSTRUCTIONS: When you find a word, click on the first letter and slide over to the last letter, and click again! Find all the words!!

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