Engibear’s Dream by Andrew King & Benjamin Johnston

When we are at the library, some books just jump out at Mr 6 and without even flicking through, they go straight in the library bag. Normally dinosaurs hold first place for this, but this time it was Engibear’s Bearbot standing tall and proud on the cover that did it.

Engibear is an engineer. He likes to work and dream. He is determined to make both happen by designing a Bearbot to share his work. Clever bear! A huge message lies in the first four lines of this rhyming text!! Engibear lives in Munnagong, check out the intricate endpapers detailing the plan of this great city.

It’s great to see his designs set out scientifically on graph paper with project & drawing title, author name and drawing number.  The prototype fails with a KABOOM! Engibear is back at the drawing board working at the design failures one by one. This is not your typical three goes and light bulb moment on the last go. No, Engibear learns from NINE failures and continues to improve his design and guess what happens with number 10?

This is a great story of persistence and learning as you progress through your mishaps until your perfect dream comes true.

The illustrations are brilliant. I loved Engibear’s look and he had a new tie on every day. Look out for the framed photographs on his wall of ‘The Wright Bears’, ‘Alexander Graham Bear’ and more! The labelled diagrams on graph paper are detailed and clear. We looked through each numbered and labelled part on every page.

I also loved that each page sparked so much conversation. Well, more like long descriptive explanations from Mr 6 on the use of each part, I just listened!

Read more about the author and his choice to self publish here at Boomerang Book Blog.

See the silver wheel on the front cover? That’s the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards- Presidents Award 2012.


INSTRUCTIONS: When you find a word, click on the first letter and slide over to the last letter, and click again! Find all the words!!

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Suggested age: Read aloud to 4+. Read by self 6+. Recommended for a confident reader.

Published by Little Steps Publishing, 2012.

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