No Place Like Home by Ronojoy Ghosh

George is an unhappy polar bear who doesn’t even enjoy ice cream! If you saw how and where he lived, you’d understand why.

Good on George for deciding to go out and find his home. He has to search because he has forgotten where it is.

This is a touching story of discovery that takes George from a sullen mood to contentment. The best part is that, even though he doesn’t know where he is going, he uses his feelings to guide him.

Such a simple story, but on a deeper level it teaches that we can decide to move out of an uncomfortable situation, we may not know the destination but we can get there by following our intuitions.

Children will love reading this book out loud as they follow the polar bear on his journey. We all know where his home is and as the story progressed we were encouraging George to trust his instincts and move on.

The text is simple and easy to read. The illustrations throughout the book are mainly in a blue hue and contain textures and movement that drive the story forward. Thoroughly enjoyable and a must read!



INSTRUCTIONS: When you find a word, click on the first letter, then click on the last letter, so simple! Find all the words!!

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Suggested age: Read aloud to 3+, Read by self 5+. Recommended for a beginner reader.

Published by: Penguin Random House Australia

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