Good Morning, Superman by Michael Dahl & Omar Lozano

Whizz through an action-packed morning with the hero of this book who has all the energy and courage of his superhero, the realSuperman‘.

The book has panelled illustrations and text in boxes, giving a real comic book feel. Picture books set out this way are a great introduction for toddlers to the world of ‘comics‘ and for me to add to my comic book category!

The whole story is a rundown of the morning routine of a little guy who flies through his tasks in true Superman style. He is fast, strong and whooshes down his cereal in no time. A villain does appear in the form of toothbrush and paste, but that fear is faced and cleared with courage!

Superb illustrations will capture the young ones attention and have them turning the pages eager for more. The minimal text means this is perfect for the learning to read crowd. The last page is a morning checklist of all the tasks to finish before school, with boxes you can tick off when done.

Reading this book had a positive impact on our Mr.6 and we actually made it to school on time today with plenty of time to spare and no rush!!! The power books have to impact us from the inside and influence our thoughts and habits is amazing.

? Try this book with your toddler and share if there was a difference to your morning routine.?

Kudos to the genius author and illustrator for utilising the inspirational superhero who has super speed and strength to jazz up a sometimes boring set of tasks into a superhero’s mission, leaving young ones with the feeling that they are invincible too.


Suggested age: Read aloud to 3+. Read by self 5+. Recommended for a beginner reader.

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