Just Joking by National Geographic Kids




Joke books are a great way to spend quality chilling on the couch time with your kids.

Everybody loves a good joke and the ones in this book happen to be extremely good!

This must-have book is a small one, around A6 in size and has 207 pages. Being a National Geographic book, there are animal photographs on almost every page, each one captured mid-laugh, grin or smirk! Although, you will come across Dracula, cupcakes and various other items on some pages! The pages are glossy, with each page adorning a different bright colour.

Each featured animal is accompanied by an interesting fact contained in a small sentence. Kids love reading facts!! You will learn that lions rest for about 20 hours a day and sea otters use their stomachs as tables while they snack.

The very impressive  knock-knock jokes, all make sense and are hilarious!! Exercise your tongue by trying your speed on the tongue twisters, the ridiculous riddles are great fun too!! We enjoyed taking turns to read out jokes, which was great fun.

The jokes make use of clever wordplay and if you love puns, this is the book for you!

If you are checking this book out of the Brisbane City Council library, joke books live in the non-fiction section @ 818, near the poetry books who are at 821.











Suggested reading age: All ages young and old who love to laugh!

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