Dinosaurs Go Christmas Shopping by Timothy Knapman & Sarah Warburton

When this little boy goes Christmas shopping with his mum, all he can see is a bunch of dinosaurs creating chaos everywhere.

Isn’t it funny how the grown-ups never seem to notice the prehistoric creatures romping around? Even with evident footprints in the snow, mum is oblivious to the dinos.


They are running through the shopping malls, and one has even joined the choir!

The pictures are beautiful and rich in detail. See how many dinosaurs you can spot on each page, and take a close look at the Christmas tree near the food court!

The dinos make a right mess of everything, but with some persuasion from our little friend, they prove that they are adept at cleaning up too.


At the beginning and end of this book, discover helpful pages with dinosaur names split into syllables, for the easy pronunciation of  long tricky ones like:

PARASAUROLOPHUS (pa-ra-saw-ROL-off-us)

We love this book; illustrations, verse and all. This is a perfect read for any time, especially Christmas time. The shiny red cover makes the book look like a sparkly bauble ready to adorn a Christmas tree.

Suggested age: Read aloud to 3+. Read by self 5+. Recommended for an intermediate reader.