The Twelve Days Of Christmas by Jane Ray

Sing along to this traditional Christmas carol and marvel at the artwork in this elegant book.

Intricate illustrations fill every page of this A4 (but a little wider) sized book.

Count up the 12 days of Christmas, as gifts from a true love arrive at the door of a surprised young lady and her cat. After 4 days, her house is filled with a Partridge, Turtle doves, French hens and Calling birds, much to the amusement of the curious cat.

Luckily there is a canal at the girl’s doorstep to house the swans when they arrive. By day 10, her home is too crowded and the lords are left leaping on the roof. On the 12th day, we notice neighbours worried about the noise the drummers and pipers are creating while practising their craft.

The people are drawn beautifully, from different ethnicities and I love how they all have the same almond-shaped eyes.

We enjoyed pouring over the pages,  following the cat and looking through the detailed drawings. There is so much to see on every page! This book offers an unforgettable experience of this festive song, especially for those encountering the tune for the first time.

We found the song on youtube, closed the screen, followed the words in the book and had lots of fun singing this classic tune.

Suggested age: Sing to Any Age! Read by self 5+. Recommended for an intermediate reader.

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