Don’t forget the bacon! by Pat Hutchins

In this book, we join a little boy and his dog on a trip to the grocery store. His mum recites the shopping list as he grabs the basket and heads off.

“Six farm eggs, a cake for tea, a pound of pears, and don’t forget the bacon.”

The sights on the street distract him, and the items on his list change to
‘six fat legs, a cape for me and a flight of stairs’

As he journeys further into town, the shopping list morphs once again into
‘six clothes pegs, a rake for leaves and a pile of chairs’

Will he remember the correct items?

And, will he remember the bacon?

Tomu was amused as the things on the list kept changing and he eagerly read on to discover what happens at the end. Look out for the little dog chasing a butterfly. Try and spot the butterfly on every page.

Recurrence of similar sounding phrases, with different words, make for a great reading experience. First published in 1976, this story still captures the attention of kids today. This is one of our favourites!!

Suggested age: Read aloud to 4+. Read by self 5+. Recommended for a beginner reader.

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