Bear Counts by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman

Wander into the lush forest where bear and mouse are enjoying an idyllic morning having breakfast and looking around for things to count.

Mouse and bear share breakfast, basking in the morning sun. Bear looks up and points, and the bear counts … one!

As we counted along with bear, the gorgeous illustrations made the forest magically come alive. We spent time pouring over the pages sighting birds, squirrels, toadstools and plenty other tiny little things in pairs, threes and fours to count.

Numbers, numbers everywhere. Can you count along with Bear?

It was very interesting to encounter animals such as muskrats, badger, gopher, wren, otters, all unfamiliar to us.  That started a conversation with Tomu about what these animals are and where they live!

The numbers only go up to 5, which is sad, but this book makes those 5 numbers very engaging indeed!

Suggested age: Read aloud to 2+. Read by self 5+. Recommended for intermediate reader.

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