Something’s Amiss At The Zoo by Jen Breach & Douglas Holgate

We were instantly drawn to this book by the cover illustration, full of wild animals. Inside is a comic style book with panelled images and the story narrated in speech bubbles.


This zoo has a serious case of mixed-up animals!

The zookeepers, who nearly failed zookeeper school, are confounded by the animal names and have put them in the wrong places.

They are baffled why the spider monkey has lost his appetite for flies and looks anxious in the spider enclosure.

The tigers look equally baffled at the tiger shark in the pond in their jungle enclosure.

Thankfully, a clever kid arrives to save the day. Much to the zookeeper’s relief and amazement, he moves the animals to the right place.


This is a great book to introduce comic book style reading to your little one. We love picture books that are set out like a comic. Try them for reluctant readers, the different setting of pictures and words might entice them to read on! Check out the ‘Jokes & Comics’ tab for more books like this one. The story is simple to follow and easy to read.

Suggested age: Read aloud to 4+. Read by self 5+. Recommended for intermediate readers.

If you have come across other comic book style picture books, do share in comments below!

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