Did you take the B from my _ook? by Beck & Matt Stanton

This book starts out with a chat about some favourite words starting with ‘B’. Then, a sneeze comes on…

What can happen in the blink of a sneeze?

All the ‘b’s have disappeared from the book!     I guess they weren’t holding on that tightly!!

Now you will sound very silly reading

“the _eetle is wearing the _lue _oots, jumping on the _ed and _ouncing the _all!’

sending the kids crazy with giggles.


This bright book with its simple line pictures and solid colours kept us delightfully entertained. Reading words out loud with their first letter missing was very amusing indeed. Tomu really enjoyed using his loudest voice to call the ‘b’ back into the book.

Suggested age: Read aloud to 4+. Read by self 5+  Recommended for a beginner reader.

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