It Came From Outer Space -Poems- by Paul Cookson and David Harmer

This book is a fantastic collection of wacky poems filled with alien creatures, robots and astronauts, rockets, spaceships, and flying saucers.

The alien creatures have scary features and the robots are here to invade. You will find planets in the most unexpected places and a teacher who really is from outer space.

Our favourite poem from this collection is ‘The worst place to find an alien’, which is down the loo. The ending is super as brave mum comes to the rescue and throws the alien out the window, never to be seen again.

We really enjoyed singing the three different Happy Birthday songs from faraway planets, that was a blast!

Alien attacks seem all too common, so you’ll want to get a cat like Stan who heroically scared off large-headed creatures with five eyes and giant slicing teeth, although I wonder if Stan is alien himself?

Suggested age: Read aloud to 5+. Read by self 7+

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