10 Smiley Crocs by Ed Allen and Simon Williams

 Ten smiley crocs riding on a tandem bike.                                                                       Ten smiley crocs riding on a tandem bike.

Counting backward is great fun, especially in a rhyming verse.

In 10 smiley crocs, Ed Allen uses awesome rhymes to count down 10 silly crocodiles. Colourful illustrations show the crocs in funny scenarios and we spent more time giggling at the hilarious pictures.


After we had read it a few times, we noticed the question on the last page



Did you find the hidden numbers on every page?’

Some of the numbers are easy to spot, but there are a few that are really hard to find and you’ll need to do some serious hunting. That made for even more fun as we reread the book loads of times!

  And if one smiley croc suddenly hits a spike,                                                          There’ll be nine smiley crocs riding on a tandem bike.’

For all your counting backward needs, check out these hilarious reads:

Suggested age: Read aloud to 3+. Read by self 5+  Recommended for an intermediate reader.


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    Great Sandhya…Loved it…Now I can easily navigate and read everything…

    1. sandhyarose

      Thanks, Anusha! Glad you could easily navigate the site. ?

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